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That happiness is not good, but is the ability ..
Do not open the doors of happiness but inside .. From within yourself ..
Make you happy with the way in which it considered to lower
Behave and the way out …
way of happiness

Do not ask me about my life before to meet you
I started life since I saw you
May I was going astray in life
And I saw all the light of some of you
If I was in Life is Beautiful
You grant under which the both
If the hair in the presence of a fragrance
Poetry my worldly affairs some Cmak
I am tired of walking and I do not see
Something in the heart .. However, Hua

Do you know what brings us to the attachment to life? „„, You know what pulls us to it and afraid to get out.
It is one thing: who is our connection with us. Is love for us, and we love them! We hate to leave it
. because we fear the pain of division and bitterness

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